Reflecting on my work at the OU, and the process of mapping my experience through this narrative claim for Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy, has given me an opportunity to distil an emerging personal ethos as a practitioner:

  • I believe in the value of digital production and delivery of offline and online learning and teaching content and experiences.
  • I believe in the value of technology and technology enhanced learning for the transformation of our students’ lives and their ongoing success within the modern knowledge economy.
  • I believe in Human Centred Design as a guiding philosophy in the development of content, tools, and platforms.

My route through the OU has been unconventional, but I value each role I’ve had and each connection I’ve made with staff and now with students. Moving from editor to Senior Product Development Manager, moving from informal to formal learning, from strategic projects to module production; each of these has given me strong skills in the development and design of learning and teaching content, systems and experiences, with all that that entails, and I have supported numerous staff to offer students better experiences.

I have developed a broad network of colleagues both at the OU and outside of it, and have been requested to speak and debate at events such as Jisc’s Digifest on the innovative work of the OU. I feel more and more a practitioner in the Higher Education sector, and that I have a voice and a stake in its future.